Horses Help Heal

Have you ever worked / considered working with horses to help with healing?

Sometimes we don’t want to talk … Sometimes we don’t believe we are worthy of connection … Sometimes we are too scared to trust … Sometimes we want to practice establishing boundaries. Enter equine-assisted therapy.

We can learn so much by BEing with horses – authenticity, closeness, regulation, trust, touch, and connection. Horses are herd animals and we are relational beings – we mutually can benefit from shared connection when we feel safe. I highly recommend trying it!

I was fortunate enough to grow up with horses at home thanks to my dad. Then I was introduced to Natural Lifemanship later in life through my professional efforts to help start a hospice bereavement program with horses.

Here I am attempting to build a secure connection, offering proof that it’s possible! The horse is joining up with me. Quite powerful work.

Watching Yellowstone has sparked my interest in getting back in the ring! It’s going on the list of my 39 goals for my 39th year!

Do you set intentional yearly goals?!? What’s a goal for 2022?

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